Congratulations to me!

I’ve been formally accepted onto the university of Liverpool’s on-line Doctor of Education programme starting in April. There are about eight weeks before the 3 1/2 year course begins, and I have to admit that I’m ambivalent about the whole process.

On the one hand, I’m so looking forward to studying at a high level. I feel that I’m ready for the challenge, and certainly there are many areas that I desperately want to know more about and research into. At the same time, I feel entirely unprepared. The on-line support has been good, and my questions have been answered swiftly and professionally. Yet, it’s precisely the questions that I can’t ask that are giving me the biggest worries.

I don’t know, for example, what level I’m expected to work at in the beginning. Having read a few doctoral theses, I’m confident that–given time–I could write to that level, but can I survive whatever pace the Ed.D. throws at me? A colleague near here introduced me to the programme and showed me his initial work. It’s all very good, and that helped settle my nerves somewhat. But I suppose that I just have to get down to business when the time comes.

For the moment, then, I’m deliriously happy. Well I would be if it weren’t for the associated costs…

About theCaledonian

Scot living in north Japan teaching at a national university.
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