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I fully agree with you that early departure from a course is preferable. In my experience of entering this course, I found the entry requirements rather simple. A part of me wonders how much UoL/ Laureate are concerned about collecting entry fees and initial course fees. This is a difficult topic to broach on this kind of board, but we are all too aware of the cost involved for this course. A part of me wished for a much more stringent entry procedure for two reasons: there would be more of a sense of ‘arriving’ at the proper level on the doctorate course, and the nagging sense that money is a major factor in UoL/ Laureate would have been dismissed.

But the issue is more complex. If there was a higher entry bar, how much of this course’s content would have to have been sacrificed due to the lower intake? Is it possible that the pay-off, the balance between entry-attrition is just right to allow the maintenance of the course with just enough financial pay-back to Laureate? Without the figures, there’s no way of knowing. But I do feel for those who paid at least the cost of the first module but who dropped out in the first few weeks.

Furthermore, there is caveat emptor–let the buyer beware of the goods they buy–an old and now outdated principle where faulty goods could be sold without giving the buyer the information that the goods were bad. We take a lot on trust when we pay to enter this course. And although UoL is based in England, Laureate is not. I don’t know how consumer rights apply in these multi-national, non-physical purchases.

On a personal level, before I applied for this course, I read 5 EdD dissertations by people in my community of practice. Interestingly, two of them refused to let me see their papers for quite some time. But in the end I got a fair idea of the goal (at least at their institution. It was the same place.) of an EdD. I admired the writing, the clarity, the comprehensiveness, the erudition and the scholarliness of the works, but I didn’t think that I wouldn’t be able to create something of that level.

I wonder if attrition is partly a function of the fear of the unknown. How many people on this forum have read full EdD dissertations? Would reading dissertations lead to more drop outs, or would that engender confidence? I suspect the latter. Maybe the references you give will have those answers.

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