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The D paradigm stands for dignity in business or the larger topic of humanism in business–W

I had never heard of the D paradigm. That was interesting! Two thoughts occured when I read that: that it’s interesting the academic business sector has the D paradigm; and that it’s fascinating that they need the D paradigm. the latter came first.

It reminds me of the Bardi and the Medici who as built beautiful Florentine churches on banker’s profits to atone for their sins. They felt that banking and dealing with money was generally a wicked thing — that is, breaking the Christian law on usury, or making profit from money — and tried to buy their way into heaven by paying penance literally through spending their earthly money.

Is the D paradigm a necessity because of the rather too real and easy malpractices possible in business? A reminder of what can all too easily go wrong? Extending this thought further and into general education, is there a need for the generalist to have our own D paradigm to remind us of the dangers of lazy, unethical, anti-social teaching?

<sarcasm>Come on, W! You write:

Investment bank that passes on investment ideas to its clients and embeds against these clients would not happen if we have a focus on dignity business.

It’s very difficult to maintain this stance after the banking collapse of 2008! The erstwhile high image of the banker is now still firmly in the mud, lower even than the lawyer and turf accountant.</sarcasm>

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