Edev_501 Response wk9_3

Thanks for your comment on my post.

I completely agree with you; critical thinking as an idealised standard is an idea that supercedes culture. The search for truth must necessarily go beyond cultural bounds as often it is those cultural bounds that tie us down inside mistaken beliefs.

However I’d like to clarify what I meant. I didn’t attach Paul’s basic idea. My point was about a potential problem in implementing a supra-cultural position. Imagine if you will, an individual realises that cultural values need to be transcended in order for truth to be more fully understood. That individual then deals with others who have not reached that position. If the individual acts as if the others have also transcended cultural positions, that individual will experience many troubles.

Paul didn’t address the notion of the other in his pithy statement. I have no doubt that that could easily be implied, though.

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