Edev_502 response wk8_6

I enjoyed your post tremendously. We always approach the same topic from different angles. I find your writing complementary and very useful to my developing holistic knowledge on the topic. In other words, these initial postings exemplify social constructive practices.

Your work situation seems positive if they ‘insist on implementing many collaborative activities and practices’. Here in Japan the dominant instructional mode and belief of learning is the top-down lecture approach and students need to memorise more than anything else. Gradually some teachers are incorporating group discussions, but they are limited in scope and applicability.

I’d like to ask you about this sentence you wrote:

“It is difficult to identify the trustworthiness of peers’ feedback and thus are vulnerable to manipulations whether it is honest or dishonest.”

I’m not sure I fully grasp the meaning here. Do you mean that the trustworthiness is at the level of propositional statements (that may be verified independently), the degree to which a writer believes what they have written (i.e. just write anything to pass a requirement), or something else?

Finally, would you prefer if we could rate each other in this forum?


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Scot living in north Japan teaching at a national university.
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