Edev_502 response wk9_2

Thanks for these references. They can be my between-module reading.

Robert Aspinall (2013) has studied the role of the Japanese university. As an institution, it was founded on the structures of western establishments but not the philosophy. All of the major corporations (re-)train first year entrants into the company according to the philosophies and systems of the company. The university’s role has always been nebulous as it was never either an intellectual root of the country nor a training ground for business. My suspicion about this latest move (to turn the major universities into STEM reseach/ training labs) is that while mechanical industry can look after itself (i.e. it has its own philosophy, training and finance), science based industry will be subsidised through education. Japan has an aging society; they look towards robotics for an answer.

I will stop myself writing any further. The danger is that I’ll pour out a political diatribe.


Aspinall, R. W. (2013). International education policy in Japan in an age of globalisation and risk. Boston: Brill.

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