Critical reflection follow-up post 6

I believe that you are right: the focus should be on the ‘critical’, not the reflective. But do we need to have a weekly learning log, a reflective essay every module and a masterclass dedicated to reflective thinking? When I did my masters in musicology, there was a course on literary theory. That covered a lot of theoretical bases in epistemology. The upshot of that was a heightened awareness of possible worldviews and as needed to show our understanding of our own biases in subsequent assignments, our self-awareness was also deepened. My question about reflection isn’t so much about the act of reflection itself (which I suspect most of us do as a matter of course), but about the methods used to inculcate critical awareness in students.

I wrote ‘apologies’ because I started the paragraph (in my mind) with the intention of talking about time-space identity for students and wanted to distance you from the student perspective. But as you rightly pointed out, this distinction is (should be) fuzzy.

It was a pleasure having you as our tutor this class, Kal. I hope that you’ll be our module tutor sooner or later.


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Scot living in north Japan teaching at a national university.
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