EDEV_505 Week 2_5

Thanks for this resource. It points to a digital future of education in which the learning experience reflects the digital natives’ expectations, needs and predilections in the new age.

Being an in-house publication for the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), its rhetorical force is to defend the RIT system, and being a US institute, its focus is on that geopolitical area only. Nevertheless, those outside of the US can derive some benefit from the resource. However, much of the rhetoric will fall on deaf ears in a society that recognises the function of the university to create social stratas.

The OECD have just published a working paper that describes What Makes a School a Learning Organisation? (Kools & Stoll, 2016). In terms of this team’s focus on the learner, this resource offers a wider picture of what is involved in promoting institutional change. If nothing else, the extensive reference list contains much of the core literature on learning organisations.


Kools, M. and Stoll L. (2016), “What Makes a School a Learning Organisation?”, OECD Education Working Papers, No. 137, OECD Publishing, Paris. http://dx.doi.org/10.1787/5jlwm62b3bvh-en

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