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EDEV_505 Week 8_3

You offer a seductive set of questions about what to do with NestlĂ©. We can be so easily drawn in by superficial answers to questions that are tantalisingly complex. Frankly, I was surprised that the NestlĂ© issue is still ongoing … Continue reading

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Module 3 Begins Week 1 Initial Post

Module three studies the environment and the structure of higher education. This fascinating topic can be seen as an exercise in self-knowledge: self as in the individual, or as in the life one leads, or as in the potential choices … Continue reading

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Edev_502 response wk5_5

Thanks for sending the link to Nimblekits (2008) article. I like the author’s observation that, “Learning happens all the time, over the whole career of the student”. Lave and Wenger (1991) expound their theory that learning is situated, that is, … Continue reading

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