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EDEV_505 Week 7_2

If an organisation wishes to encourage triple-loop learning according to Tosey, Visser and Saunders’s (2011) interpretation of Bateson’s third order learning, most, if not all, aspects of an organisation may be considered as a type of evidence. A serious level … Continue reading

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EDEV_506 Week 6 Initial Post

The success of change in HE can be assessed through the lens of leadership theory. The task this week was to present a situation and analyse how educational leadership mediated its success (or failure). A board level financial scandal seriously … Continue reading

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Mod 5 Week 9 Initial Post

In this last discussion week, the focus shifted to how organisations deal with conflicts that arise when values do not align. In this week, I was introduced to the moral stage developmental theory of Graves (1970). Graves’ eight levels does … Continue reading

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Assignment 1: Organisational Analysis

The first assignment in this module was the production of a PowerPoint slideshow. I’ll leave any comment about the backwardness of the terminology and the Microsoft-normative nature that is antagonistic to more open methods. I’d love to be able to … Continue reading

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